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Iceland Most Commons Words

Updated: 29th January 2024 Here are some of the most common words and phrases we get asked how to say by people visiting Iceland! How to say hello in icelandic Halló How to say thank you in icelandic Þakka þér fyrir How to say hi icelandic hæ How to say good morning in icelandic Góðan… Read More »Iceland Most Commons Words

How Expensive is Iceland Compared to the UK

Updated: 29 January 2024 Travelling or considering a move to Iceland from the UK, you may wonder about the differences in living costs between these two distinctly unique countries. Each location presents its own set of financial dynamics influenced by local economies, cultures, and lifestyles. While Iceland is known for its picturesque landscapes and Nordic… Read More »How Expensive is Iceland Compared to the UK

Iceland Packing List Essentials

Updated: 29th January 2024 Essential Clothing for Iceland When packing for Iceland, it’s crucial to focus on staying warm, dry, and comfortable. Your clothing should be able to withstand the unpredictable Icelandic weather, which can quickly change from sunny to stormy. Thermal Layers Your first layer should always be a thermal top and leggings. Opt… Read More »Iceland Packing List Essentials

Getting an Icelandic Sim Card

Updated: 29th January 2024 Understanding Icelandic SIM Cards When travelling to Iceland, you’ll have options between different types of SIM cards along with the choice between prepaid and contract plans. It’s important to select the right one to stay connected during your visit. Types of SIM Cards Available In Iceland, you can choose between a… Read More »Getting an Icelandic Sim Card

What Type of Outlets Are in Iceland

Overview of Icelandic Electrical Outlets Updated: 29th January 2024 The country uses the Type F electrical outlet, commonly known as a Schuko plug, which features two round pins and grounding clips on the side. They are recessed into the wall, which means the faceplate is deeper compared to other types. This design is ubiquitous across… Read More »What Type of Outlets Are in Iceland

How to Learn Icelandic Quickly

Updated: 29th January 2024 Learning Icelandic may seem like a challenge given its reputation for complexity, but with the right approach and resources, you can make the journey an enjoyable and rewarding experience. As one of the North Germanic languages, Icelandic has retained much of its ancient vocabulary and structure, providing a fascinating window into… Read More »How to Learn Icelandic Quickly

Most Common Questions About Iceland

Let’s explore the most common questions we get asked about this Nordic wonderland. Whether it’s the best time to see the Northern Lights or when to expect the first snowfall, we’ve got you covered.  How many people in iceland speak english A significant portion of the population in Iceland speaks English. While Icelandic is the… Read More »Most Common Questions About Iceland