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Iceland Most Commons Words

    Updated: 29th January 2024

    Here are some of the most common words and phrases we get asked how to say by people visiting Iceland!

    How to say hello in icelandic


    How to say thank you in icelandic

    Þakka þér fyrir

    How to say hi icelandic

    How to say good morning in icelandic

    Góðan daginn

    How to say happy birthday in icelandic

    til hamingju með afmælið

    How to say cheers in icelandic


    How to say how are you in icelandic

    hvernig hefurðu það

    How to say merry christmas in icelandic

    Gleðileg jól

    How to say I love you in icelandic

    ég elska þig

    How to say please in icelandic


    How to say Iceland in icelandic


    How to say goodbye in icelandic


    How to say welcome in icelandic


    How to say good day in icelandic

    góðan dag

    How to say vegetarian in icelandic


    How to say music in icelandic


    How to say sorry in icelandic

    því miður

    Take your Icelandic to the next level with our guide on how to learn this amazing language quickly!

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