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Eating and Drinking

Traditional Icelandic Foods Guide

Updated: 29th January 2024 Icelandic cuisine offers a unique culinary adventure for your taste buds, combining a rich history with the fresh, natural produce of a country that’s surrounded by the ocean and graced with untainted landscapes. Whether you’re curious about the traditional meals or the modern foods that are shaping contemporary Icelandic diets, your… Read More »Traditional Icelandic Foods Guide

The Best Restaurants in Reykjavík

Updated: 28th January 2024 Welcome to Reykjavík, a city where the culinary landscape is as diverse and captivating as its scenic views. From hidden local treasures to world-renowned dining establishments, each restaurant is a testament to Iceland’s rich culinary heritage and contemporary innovation. Whether you’re craving traditional Icelandic dishes or modern, globally-inspired cuisine, Reykjavík’s dining… Read More »The Best Restaurants in Reykjavík

The Best Restaurants in Hofn

Updated: 28th January 2024 This charming coastal town, known for its breathtaking views and unique geography, is a haven for food lovers. With an emphasis on fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, Höfn’s restaurants offer a delightful array of Icelandic cuisine. From succulent seafood to traditional dishes with a modern twist, each eatery tells a story of heritage… Read More »The Best Restaurants in Hofn

The Best Restaurants in Egilsstadir

Updated: 28th January 2024 This charming town is not just a haven for breathtaking landscape views—it’s also home to an array of restaurants that tantalise the taste buds with local and international flavours. With everything from European to Scandinavian cuisine, there’s a meal to satisfy every palate. We’ve had the pleasure of dining at various… Read More »The Best Restaurants in Egilsstadir

The Best Restaurants in Akureyri

Updated: 28th January 2024 Akureyri, Iceland’s charming northern gem, is home to some of our favourite restaurants in Iceland. Nestled by the picturesque Eyjafjörður fjord, Akureyri boasts an impressive dining scene that reflects the town’s unique blend of tradition and contemporary flair. Whether you’re in search of fresh Icelandic seafood, cosy cafés, or inventive culinary… Read More »The Best Restaurants in Akureyri