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Your Guide to Iceland’s Ski Resorts 

    Updated: 28th January 2024

    The ski season in Iceland typically runs from November to April, depending on the weather conditions. Iceland’s unique geographical location means that during the winter months, you get extended twilight hours, offering longer skiing times under surreal skies. 

    What sets Icelandic ski resorts apart is their accessibility and variety. Within a short drive from urban centers, you find yourself in pristine, snowy paradises. Each resort boasts its own charm, from family-friendly slopes to challenging runs for the adrenaline junkies. 

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    Top Ski Resorts in Iceland

    Hlíðarfjall, Akureyri 

    Hlíðarfjall, located near the charming town of Akureyri in North Iceland, is a paradise for ski enthusiasts. Known for its exceptional snow conditions and long skiing season, this resort offers a range of slopes suitable for all skill levels. With over 20 kilometers of pistes and 7 lifts, Hlíðarfjall ensures a diverse skiing experience. The resort is known for its well-maintained runs and modern facilities, making it a favorite among locals and tourists. Accommodation options are plentiful in nearby Akureyri, where you can enjoy local cuisine and culture after a day on the slopes.

    Bláfjöll Ski Resort, Near Reykjavik

    Just a short drive from Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik, lies Bláfjöll Ski Resort, the largest ski area in the country. Its proximity to the city makes it a popular choice for both day-trippers and longer stays. Bláfjöll offers a variety of slopes, catering to all levels, and is equipped with 15 lifts. The resort’s night skiing facility also allows you to ski under the starlit sky. The terrain varies from gentle slopes for beginners to more challenging areas for experienced skiers. After a day of skiing, the vibrant city life of Reykjavik is just around the corner, offering the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation.

    Skálafell Ski Resort

    Skálafell, a short drive from Reykjavik, is a family-friendly ski resort known for its welcoming atmosphere. Ideal for beginners and intermediate skiers, the resort offers a variety of slopes and a reputable ski school for those looking to improve their skills. The resort’s six ski lifts provide easy access to its diverse runs. Skálafell also boasts beautiful views of the surrounding landscapes, making it a picturesque spot for a family ski trip. The resort’s cozy cafés and eateries offer the perfect spots to warm up and relax after a day in the snow.

    Oddsskarð, East Iceland 

    Nestled in the scenic Eastfjords, Oddsskarð is known for its breathtaking views and challenging slopes. This resort is a hidden gem for those seeking a more secluded skiing experience. With a variety of runs, Oddsskarð is particularly suited to intermediate and advanced skiers. The resort is equipped with a couple of lifts and offers ski rental facilities. The surrounding area, characterised by dramatic fjords and mountains, adds a stunning backdrop to your skiing adventure. 

    Tindastóll, Skagafjörður 

    For the more adventurous skiers, Tindastóll in the Skagafjörður region is a must-visit. This resort is known for its off-piste opportunities and challenging terrain, making it a preferred spot for experienced skiers. The resort offers a few lifts and a range of slopes with varying difficulty. Tindastóll’s remote location means fewer crowds and untouched snow conditions, ideal for those seeking a thrilling skiing experience. The surrounding area, with its majestic mountains and valleys, provides an awe-inspiring setting for a day of intense skiing.

    Planning Your Ski Trip to Iceland

    Planning a ski trip to Iceland can be as exciting as the adventure itself. With the right information and tips, you can ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience. Whether you’re a seasoned skier or a family looking for a winter holiday, here’s what you need to know:

    Best Time to Visit: The ski season in Iceland generally runs from late November to early April. For the best snow conditions, consider visiting between January and March. During this period, you’ll experience the magical Icelandic winter, complete with snowy landscapes and possibly even the Northern Lights.

    Gear and Equipment: If you’re not bringing your own ski gear, don’t worry. Most ski resorts in Iceland offer rental services where you can find quality equipment, including skis, snowboards, and safety gear. It’s advisable to book your gear in advance, especially during peak season, to ensure availability.

    Accommodations: Iceland offers a range of accommodation options near its ski resorts, from cozy guest houses and cabins to luxurious hotels. Booking in advance is recommended, especially if you’re visiting during the peak season or Icelandic holidays.

    Travel and Transportation: Renting a car gives you the flexibility to explore multiple ski resorts and the stunning Icelandic scenery at your own pace. Ensure that the vehicle is suitable for winter conditions. Alternatively, some resorts near Reykjavik can be accessed by public transport or through organized tours.

    For Families: If you’re traveling with family, look for resorts with ski schools and beginner-friendly slopes. Many resorts also offer other activities such as snowshoeing and tobogganing, ensuring fun for everyone.

    For Seasoned Skiers: Advanced skiers might seek more challenging slopes and off-piste adventures. Resorts like Tindastóll and Oddsskarð offer the best experiences. Always prioritise safety and consider hiring a local guide for off-piste skiing.

    Remember, the weather in Iceland can be unpredictable, so it’s wise to check the forecast and be prepared for changes. With these tips, your Icelandic ski adventure is bound to be unforgettable.


    Overall, Iceland offers some of the most unique and enchanting ski experiences in the world. From the family-friendly slopes of Skálafell to the challenging terrains of Tindastóll, there’s something for every kind of ski enthusiast. The combination of stunning natural scenery, excellent ski conditions, and the warmth of Icelandic hospitality makes these resorts must-visit destinations for your winter travels. 

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