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How to Get to Reykjavik from the Airport

    Updated: 29th January 2024

    Understanding Keflavik Airport

    Keflavik Airport, your gateway to Iceland, is conveniently located about 50 kilometres southwest of Reykjavik. As the largest airport in Iceland, it serves as the main hub for international transportation and features a single terminal named Leifur Eiríksson Air Terminal.

    Here are a few key points you should know about Keflavik Airport:

    • Distance to Reykjavik: It’s roughly a 45-minute drive from the airport to Reykjavik’s city centre.
    • Facilities: Equipped with free Wi-Fi, duty-free shopping, and a variety of dining options, you’ll find the amenities fairly comfortable.
    • Operating Hours: Keflavik Airport operates 24/7, but individual business hours for shops and restaurants may vary.
    • Transportation Options:
      • Rental car services are available if you prefer to drive yourself to your destination.
      • Numerous private bus services can take you directly to Reykjavik.
      • Taxis are readily available, although they are a costlier option.
      • A public bus service, the number 55, also operates between the airport and Reykjavik.
    • Time Management: Keep in mind airport security and check-in times, as they could affect how early you need to arrive before your flight.

    Getting from Keflavik to your final destination in Reykjavik or vice versa is straightforward thanks to these options. Plan according to your preference for convenience, speed, or budget. Welcome to Iceland!

    Keflavik airport, Iceland
    Credit: Jeff Hitchcock

    Transport Options from Keflavik Airport

    Travelling from Keflavik Airport to Reykjavik, you have a choice of convenient options. Whether you prefer the affordability of public transport or the comfort of a private vehicle, you can find a solution to suit your needs.

    By Airport Shuttle

    Airport Shuttles are a popular choice, providing efficient transfers directly to your accommodation in Reykjavik. The Flybus service is frequent and can be booked in advance. The journey takes approximately 45 minutes.

    By Public Bus

    For those looking for an economical option, the public bus service number 55 is available. It takes a bit longer but is a budget-friendly choice. Exact change or a prepaid ticket is required for the bus fare.

    By Taxi

    Taxis offer a convenient and quicker way to reach Reykjavik, albeit at a higher cost. You can find taxis readily available at the airport. The drive to Reykjavik typically takes around 40-50 minutes depending on traffic.

    By Rental Car

    If you prefer to drive yourself, numerous car rental agencies operate at Keflavik Airport. This gives you the flexibility to explore at your own pace. Remember to check driving conditions, especially during winter, and make sure you’re comfortable driving in Icelandic weather.

    Pre-booking Your Transport

    When travelling to Reykjavik from Keflavik Airport, pre-booking your transport can be both cost-effective and convenient. Here’s what you should consider:

    • Price: By pre-booking, you could save up to 25% off standard fares. For example, prices may start from just £22.52 to popular destinations, like The Blue Lagoon.
    • Reliability: Pre-booked transfers mean there’s a vehicle waiting for you. No need to worry about the availability of taxis upon landing.
    • Comfort: Choosing a pre-arranged transport can assure a certain level of comfort. You can select a service that suits your needs, be it a budget shuttle or a more luxurious private car.
    • No Hidden Fees: Companies often guarantee no hidden costs, which helps you budget your trip more accurately.
    • Hassle-Free: Avoid the queues and potential confusion at the airport by having your ride sorted beforehand.

    Here are your steps for pre-booking:

    1. Select a Service: Research and choose from various options such as shuttles, taxis, or private transfers.
    2. Book Online: Use the company’s website to book your journey, providing details such as travel date and destination.
    3. Confirmation: After booking, you’ll receive a confirmation with all necessary details.

    Don’t forget to check for free cancellations or unlimited baggage allowances as some services offer these perks, which could be beneficial for your travel plans. The Flybus is an example that provides flexibility and an allowance for unlimited baggage.

    Navigating to Reykjavik City Centre

    Once you land at Keflavík International Airport, you have several options to reach Reykjavík’s city centre. Each transport option offers a different balance of cost, convenience, and travel time.

    By Shuttle Bus: The Flybus service operates in partnership with the airport and is a popular choice. You’ll find it right outside the arrival terminal. Shuttles run frequently and take about 45 minutes to reach the BSI Bus Terminal in Reykjavík.

    • Cost: Moderate
    • Travel Time: Approximately 45 minutes
    • Tips: Tickets can be purchased online or at the airport.

    By Public Bus: Catch the number 55 public bus, which is a more economical option. However, be prepared for a longer journey as public buses make multiple stops.

    • Cost: Lower
    • Travel Time: Varies
    • Tips: Have some Icelandic currency on hand for the fare.

    By Taxi: For a more private and direct route, taxis are available outside the terminal. They’re costlier but offer door-to-door service.

    • Cost: Higher
    • Travel Time: About 45 minutes to an hour
    • Tips: Confirm the fare with the driver beforehand.

    By Rental Car: If you prefer to drive yourself, car rentals allow the freedom to explore at your leisure. The drive is pretty straightforward and scenic, with views of the lava fields.

    • Cost: Varies
    • Travel Time: About 45 minutes
    • Tips: Ensure you’re comfortable with the driving conditions and have a map or GPS.

    Choose the option that best suits your needs, and enjoy the journey into Reykjavík’s vibrant heart. Remember to check schedules in case of any changes, particularly if you are travelling late at night or early in the morning.

    Travel Tips for Reykjavik Arrival

    When you land at Keflavik Airport, poised for the vibrant city of Reykjavik, familiarise yourself with a few handy tips to ensure a smooth start to your Icelandic adventure.

    Check the Weather: Icelandic weather can be unpredictable. Ensure you’re well-equipped with layers that are easy to add or shed as the climate demands.

    Currency Conversion: It’s wise to have some Icelandic Krona on you for small purchases. You can exchange currency at the airport or use cards, as Iceland is very card-friendly.

    • Transport Options:
      • Public Bus: For a budget-friendly choice, the public bus service can get you into the city.
      • Airport Transfer Buses: Speedier than public buses, these offer direct routes to hotels.
      • Taxi: More convenient, though costlier, especially for groups.
      • Car Rental: Offers freedom to explore, but remember to book in advance.

    Local SIM Card: Consider picking up a local SIM for easy navigation and communication.

    Accommodation Address: Have your accommodation details handy. Some transfer services need them to drop you off at the correct location.

    Travel Time: Plan for delays – always allow extra time between flights and check-ins.

    By remembering these tips, you’ll be ready to start your exploration of Reykjavik with confidence. Welcome to Iceland!

    Once you’ve made it to the city centre, consider picking up the Reykjavik City Card. Here’s a handy guide on everything you need to know!

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